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Hello and welcome to the Supernatural Christmas and holiday season fics community! This is for the posting of any fics related to this holiday season. Anything and everything relating to Christmas and New Year are welcome, and any other holidays celebrated around this time of year - Hanukkah for example.

You can post fiction from an original idea of your own, fiction you wrote for another challenge, or fiction written for the prompts challenge I'll run. I realize everybody's busy starting Nano and fulfilling other Challenge requests but please join in on this one!

For who can resist the idea of many fics along the lines of the following: Wee Dean helps Wee Sam learn his lines for the Nativity play; John struggles to find presents for his boys; Teen Dean gets high at a New Year's party; Sam and Dean bet on who can keep the most resolutions; Sam dressed only in a Santa hat; Santa gets injured and Sam and Dean have to deliver all his presents; Slash fic with an angel; Dean gives out sex tokens for Christmas; and so on and so on!

Het, Slash, Wincest all welcome. Unfortunately no RPS, and it's fiction only.

What gets you on Santa's good list

1. Join, pimp and post!

2. Joining in the prompts challenge - on Thursday 9th November I'll set up a post to leave your ideas for fics. On Thursday 16th November I'll set up a post to claim prompts, along with more detail about how that challenge will work.

3. The community will be open to post your fics from December 1st onward. If you post before then, you make the naughty list. If you post after January 6th, we'll all come along and laugh at you for wanting Christmas to carry on all year.

What gets you on Santa's naughty list

1. Unfortunately this is for fiction based on the Winchester characters, so I'd say no RPS fic I'm afraid. Also no artwork, icons etc.

2. Fic should be a reasonable length. Above 500 words and below eleventy billion parts.

3. That's it. I'm fairly easy (no sniggering at the back) so as long as everybody's sensible and plays nice, all should be well.

Comment if you have any questions or suggestions as to how to make it better. Comment just to let me know you're joining and want to join the prompt challenge. Or just to say hello ;)
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